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Really happy to see one of my poster designs among the many great films of the Cleveland International Film Festival. Congratulations to Katie Damien.

Remembering ‘Hospitality Suite’

It doesn't seem that long ago I was gathering my cast for this tour de force piece by Roger Reuff.

It doesn’t seem that long ago I was gathering my cast for this tour de force piece by Roger Reuff. What came out of the performances at Asheville Community Theatre’s 35 Below Stage was nothing short of that immersive quality in stage that rivals the very best in cinematic drama. Dan Clancy, Mike Vaniman and Desmond Zampella brought forth the very best performances that had the showed hailed as “riveting” theater. I cannot wait for another hand at the stage.


As within it seems inside,
our bodies, we imagine
encased in fleshy humanity.

We are not boxes.
We are not containers for mirroring ideas.
We are windows and what we see within
are the countless windows we
have encountered.

Ideas are present at all times.
Potentiality is its landscape and
there you sit.
Or run.
Or hide.

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I am sure everyone has to predict that moment when they will create or die. How fast you die doesn't make you braver and slowing while losing everything about life is just the same suicidal song. There is a bullet in store. Either make or perish and do the earth some fertilizing good. Either live it and understand the tumultuous tremor at your feet or close your eyes and fly this blind. But fly and crash and burn if you must, just hold onto the thrust and keep check with the beat of your heart. Lose it right the first time and carry on to the night as momentum gained towards and onwards.

Realizing things

As I am

As I am
Full of tears
of neither joy or pain

But not better
or worse
than the best
among the

to a fault
grid on zero
stripped mauls
from wolves fought in hero
battles loss

and bending with belly aches
from constant tears
flavored with bloods
and better makes
cheap bar suds

As I am
there is no one present
as you perceive
I am martyred laments

As I walk
I stay perfectly still
As I kneel
I jump into the sky
As I jump
I bury myself deep

back into the dream
of as I am

The full official trailer to Oliver Stone's biopic on The Doors is the most influential piece of media in my life. From this trailer I fell in love with the band. I fell in love with their music. I fell in love with editing.


Someone spoke back.
We where like a wheel.
Back and forth, but always here.
Just a spoke.

shout out


Really happy to announce the creation of my most recent website. k2 Studio in downtown Asheville also offers some of the finest and most eclectic furniture designs from local Asheville artists.

I must have missed this one cause the message delivers wonderfully across. The tempo of the music, the drama of showing how the championing of a game puts the merit of its intent into jeopardy. It was a treat to see how it has ends on the "maybe." Beautifully put together.

Mombasa 2012 Collection. Behind The Scenes in Appalachia Country

We just got through this little teaser for the Mombasa 2012 Collection of Fine Bed Canopies and Sheers.

We just got through this little teaser for the Mombasa 2012 Collection of Fine Bed Canopies and Sheers. Clients are still drooling over the plethora of images. Decisions, decisions. Will post finals when post is done. This collaboration would not have been possible without the GC peeps: Brian Wilson, Zack Russell, Morgan Purdy, Luly Gonzalez and our Documentarian Natasha Meduri.

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If you can't create, then you can always sell for those that do.

capitalism 101

status update
"Proud to say that we have completed the short film "Scrambled." Written by my dear friend and comrade in arms. Footage going to the editors and word is out. Fierce performances and a film "neutrally masterful." Post will be fun and post is where we are at."
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The downfall of all is the same. Elliott Smith's Chiba? Perhaps.   I want to live the truth of Elliott Smith but with vengeful need for gluttonous satisfaction; and having the sticky sheets to show such a threesome would do with sanctity. A permission to have two souls have their way and both make amends on polaroid cum shots for all the hurt they had to withstand while walking this miserable rock. Seeing as center, why as center, their was nothing they didn't deserve and everything they got was never well-enough-received.

Elliott Smith Would Be My Wing Man

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"The moment the swarm of yellow jackets were about me. I lost sense of me. I lost sense of identity. It was an immediate adaptation to becoming a fish as I dove into that creek. Awaiting the gills of salvation — or at least the hope that I will drown these feisty shits."
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To prove before requiring faith is the nature of technology in all regards about all things.

Proof Means Technology

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Therefore think your dream. And be your dream at fucking last.

The Nature of Dreams